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July 18, 2017 Report and Requests

Posted on July 18, 2018 at 7:56 pm by Brenda Matthews

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This is definitely not La Paz!  I had a great ministry leave to ON, CA, and OR.  I was exhausted when I left, but the Lord provided times of refreshment and smooth travels.  I’m deeply grateful to each of my hosts for making my stay so comfortable, to those who provided transportation so I could get around, and to those who shared meals/ “coffee”s/hikes with me.  I enjoyed sharing in the three churches and being able to visit with even more people than I planned on.  There wasn’t time to visit with everyone, but I’m supposed to do a Home Assignment in the next year or two and I hope to see more of you then.  I was also encouraged by those who shared that they’d like to join my support team praying and/or giving.  I was even able to find all the items I needed and to bring them back without hassles.  I praise God for all these gifts and answers to prayer!

The catPDC GROUP 30alyst to this trip was the Purpose Driven Conference in CA.  The missionaries working in El Faro along with the pastor and his wife were all able to attend.  Unfortunately the four church leaders and their wives weren’t able to attend this year.  Worship 5The worship was awesome, the messages insightful, and the workshops informative.  We were able to meet there a couple of times and continue to meet by Skype to discuss what we should apply in El Faro and how to do it.  Please pray with us that the Lord direct us in these discussions, that He guide us to make the right decisions, and that He gives wisdom as to when and how to implement the changes – all for His honour and glory.

I had left the apartment ready in the case of a hurricane, so since returning, I’ve cleaned and rearranged the apartment.  I’ve met with Efraín y Saúl about the visuals ministry (rejoining the team) and detected a problem with the audio (which needs to be fixed).  I’ve been getting back in touch with people and participated in a farewell for a very active couple in the church who are moving.  I’m still looking forward to getting together with Iván and his family, but his extended family in other areas, understandably, want to spend time with them, so they’re not back to La Paz yet.  The good news is that Iván has finished the treatments, is feeling better, will be working as an assistant principal, and doesn’t have to return for testing until September.  Please continue to keep him in your prayers.  I also submitted the documentation for my visa renewal and it has already been approved.  My new resident card might be ready next week.

Mullet coro crop 25 border shadSaturday was blocked off for the El Faro beach clean-up event.  It was rescheduled for this Sunday, but I went to the beach anyway.  It was very healing. For the week since my return my left leg and hip weren’t getting along, resulting in pain walking.  After spending the morning skin-diving, marveling at the underwater wonders of God, I was able to walk out with no pain.  Go to to see new sighting called Striped Mullet.  For a humorous take, read the description before viewing the video.  Enjoy!

Thank you for being part of such a fantastic support team.  May God richly bless you and meet your every need from the abundance of His goodness.

Grateful to be back,


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