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April 25, 2019 Almost Done!

April 25, 2019 - 6:14 pm - Posted by Brenda Matthews

Surprise! Surprise!  I didn’t think I’d be writing again for a month or two, but there’s news to share.

One of the prayer requests was for finding health insurance for while I’m in the US.  I’m relieved to report that it was purchased today!  I wanted to stop there, but it’s another request.  I was given incorrect info, so the cost is higher than it should be.  They’re looking into the possibility of rectifying that, so that’s what I’d ask prayer for – that it could be rectified quickly.  Almost done!

Prayer Letter reminderIn the last letter I showed you maps of my travels.  A few new stops have been added to those trips and I’d like to remind the rest of you that you should contact me if you’d like a visit.  I’d don’t want to overlook anyone, and I do want to see as many of you as possible.  My cell phone and email are at the bottom of the letter.  Unfortunately, the cell number remains as a long-distance call, but you could send a text or use WhatsApp.  Let me know if you have WhatsApp and I’ll add you to my contacts.  Getting closer to being done!

I neglected to leave instructions for finances.  I’d be very happy to not deal with donations.  Cheques (or checks!) could be sent to TEAM directly and should be made out to TEAM with a note explaining that it is for my support and including 01 TEAM INFO CANADA 2 60my account number).  I made a visual for Canadians and one for Americans that has the address if you want to mail it and instructions if you’d like to send on-line 01 TEAM INFO USA 2 60(one-time or monthly). The phone number is there if you have questions and want to call TEAM.  You should also go to the new TEAM website to check out all the info there:

One of the purposes of a Home Assignment is to raise the necessary funds.  I have to have 100% support in order to be able to return to La Paz, Mexico, so please pray with me that the Lord provide those funds.  We can praise the Lord together when that’s done!

Projector stolen 50Another project is to find a replacement projector for the one that was stolen from church (pictured).  Fortunately, we have the old projector which is well-worn and projects a fuzzy image with little colour resolution… but it’s better than nothing.  We deal with a lot of light, so I think it needs to be around 5,000 lumens or brighter.  If you have any leads, let me know.  I don’t know how much longer the old one will last.  It’s almost done.

Another prayer request is for a vehicle to use on the trips Aug-Oct.  It will mean a lot of mileage.  It’s too little time to pick up the end of a lease, so I may be looking at renting a vehicle.  Any recommendations, observations, suggestions, warnings, etc., are welcome.

One last note: I hate to make any personal requests for those hosting me, buSad 50t because of my back problems, I need a firm bed, and because of allergies, I have a food request.  Please, no fish or seafood… or else I’ll be done!

One last prayer request: please keep Venezuela in your prayers.  The situation there continues to deteriorate.  The unpredictable rationing of electricity makes it almost impossible to work or study or cook or communicate, and most places depend on water pumps to have water.  Imagine a day with not being able to charge or use your electrical appliances or take a shower or flush the toilet, and you might begin to understand the desperation.  In addition to that, there’s a gas shortage (for cooking) and a gas shortage (for cars). Apart from households, imagine how this affects institutions.  Please pray that this crisis will soon be done.

Flat Edge It Is FinishedWe just celebrated Easter, my favorite celebration because our eternal salvation depends on Christ being the Son of God, taking our place dying on the cross, and rising again triumphant over death.  Jesus came to give His life for sinners, just like you and me.  Praise God for His triumphant cry, “It is finished”!

Almost done with preparations and looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible!

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