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October 29, 2018 Needing your prayers!

October 29, 2018 - 10:35 pm - Posted by Brenda Matthews

Squirrel 10I’m still alive!  I apologize for not writing sooner.  It’s not because of not having anything to say… just not making the time to say it.  I’ve been waiting for a block of time to write all the news, but something always comes up and I don’t want time to keep slipping by with no report, so here we go.

Almost every Sunday morning, for months, I arrive at El Faro early to set up the equipment for the visuals and taping the sermon and to rehearse the songs as the worship team practices.  There are only a handful of people present when we start.  Since I’m usually seated at the front running the computer/projector/recording (or training someone else), I don’t see who all arrives during the service and, after putting everything away at the end, there aren’t many people left.  When I am able to sit in the congregation, it’s a joy to see all the children/youth and their teachers make a mass exit to go to their classes.  1-00000000000000000000 Baja collage assembly87Back in April I enjoyed one of those days, so I quickly ran around to the Sunday School classes for the first time and took pictures.  You’ll note that it was before the extreme heat and I’m glad that we’re heading out of that heat now.

I enjoy teaching at the Ladies’ Meeting.  We begin with a short time of singing followed by an extended time of prayer, a break, and then the teaching.

1-00000000000000000000 Baja collage assembly89We’ve been encouraged with some new ladies attending, with answers to prayer, and with testimonies of how lives are changing as the Scriptures are put into practice.  But we’re not without our problems, so please do pray for harmony and spiritual growth.

Another source of joy is the cell group.  I pick up Paty and her family and it’s so much fun to arrive at Mari’s home and have a group of kids enthusiastically greet us.  Please pray for a helper for Paty.  She has 11-15 kids over a wide age-spread.  One of the mothers commented that her daughter wanted an explanation of why she hadn’t taken her before.  Another mother shared that her kids were mad at her because she came one week but didn’t bring them.  On Sunday, one of the kids told me she wished it was Friday so they could have their cell group.  1-00000000000000000000 Baja collage assembly90The adults also enjoy their cell group.  We have 5-11 with good participation.  There has been good feedback that what we learned in the study was exactly what they needed to hear, but it is sad to know that some of them have never heard of some of the well-known stories from the Bible.  Mari is the only believer in her family, but desires that all her family come to Christ.  She often brings several of her grand-kids to church and was thrilled that one of her sisters came to the movie night, that another of her sisters expressed a desire to attend church with her, and that one of her daughters came to church with her last week –  all firsts!  Please pray for the salvation of those who don’t know Christ as personal Lord and Saviour and for the growth of those who do.

The Evangelistic Events Committee has been working hard.  We were encouraged with the number of unsaved who came to the August movie night, but were saddened when the September event had to be canceled due to the weather and then the October event was canceled by the children’s home due to a conflict in schedules.  However, we are hard at work planning a major event for November 16-18.  We’ve invited a father/son pair of Christian psychologists to hold simultaneous conferences – one for adults and one for youth.  We’re also preparing child care and nursery for the kids of attendees and have a cook lined up to prepare food.  It’s a BIG undertaking – especially because we have no idea how many people will come. 1-00000000000000000000 Baja collage assembly91

Saúl has been a huge help working on the promotional materials.  I modified some of the speaker’s videos for the event and rearranged visuals to send them by WhatsApp.  Info will progressively be posted on the church’s FaceBook page:  Please pray for the huge undertaking as we and the speakers prepare and as they deliver their messages.  May God be glorified!

On a personal note, after months of planning and preparations, Belkis, my friend from Venezuela, has finally arrived.  Conditions in Venezuela are extremely difficult, but she isn’t one of the over 2.5 million Venezuelans who have left the country.  She hopes to spend several months here and would appreciate prayer for her visa interview October 31.  You may have noticed her Choya flowerin the collage above and she appears in a video I made of our road-trip up the Sea of Cortes coast to show her some of the beautiful scenery and wildlife. (Click on the flower to go to the video)

Since she arrived on a tourist visa, we had to do touristy things!  After a beach trip,  I noticed a Greater Roadrunner up on a cactus.1-00000000000000000000 Baja collage assembly88  At first it hid, but when it saw that I had a camera, it came out to pose!   After several minutes, we decided to continue on our way, but were able to watch it fly to the ground after we passed by.

Previous to all that, I made a video of an afternoon at the beach with Iván, Iván & JimenaJimena and their boys.  I enjoyed skin diving and seeing a new crab and several octopuses as well as spending time with them. (Click on the photo to go to the video)

I’d better wrap this up.  Our Ladies’ group is going kayaking in the morning and I need to be alert to drive, but I would also like to ask for prayer for good health – I’m dealing with some kind of cold and/or nasal infection, it appears that Belkis is starting with it now, and there are several sick at church as well.

Always grateful for your prayers!


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