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May 31, 2012 HELP!!!!

May 31, 2012 - 1:40 pm - Posted by Brenda Matthews

Greetings to All!

I really need to write an update and give some explanations, but time will not allow.  Maybe next week… here’s the reason why:

*  May 20 it was decided that Jorge Ocaña, full time pastor in Grau, will be the transitional pastor for Piura Norte.  This was so that…

*  May 22 it was decided that Piura Norte would begin Sunday services this Sunday, June 3rd.  That’s a cause for celebration, but for those who know me and know that I like to have time to plan and be prepared, you’ll know that I’m stressed since I wasn’t expecting this so soon.  May 23rd I wrote several contacts in Benavides to find out how this will come together and only one answered before I left May 25-28 on a previous commitment.  So in reality I have 7 days to try to explain everything about PN to Jorge and work with him to pull everything together without much of a support base. 

-  I just downloaded EasyWorship, but have never used it and the training videos start at a point more advanced than I’m at. 

-  I need to find someone who can run the multimedia before Sunday and if that person could help set up everything in EasyWorship, that would be a huge help. 

-  Grau is sending a person to lead the worship, but it looks like I’ll be the backup voice, so we need to schedule a time to practice. 

-  Tonight I have just over 30 minutes for him to show me how to download the Spanish songs and prepare them for EasyWorship (unless there is other help). 

-  I’m expected to be at a meeting in Grau from 4-6, will meet with the worship leader immediately following but need to be home by 7 to counsel a lady and at 8 have a small group to lead that ends around 10.  After that I need to answer important emails that I see coming in as I write because arrangements are still being made for the team coming July 1.

-  Tomorrow and Saturday I have fewer concrete commitments, but I still feel like I’m under the gun. 

So that’s why I’m writing urgently asking for your prayers that key people will become available, that I can administer the time left extremely wisely, and that the first Sunday of Piura Norte meeting together will truly be a time of worship and celebration.  I said there’s not much of a support base because this took those people by surprise as well.  I’ll try to write more next week.

Thanks for upholding me and Piura Norte before the throne of grace!


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