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First Weeks in Canada

August 11, 2011 - 5:16 pm - Posted by Brenda Matthews

(I apologize if you’re receiving this twice again, but I think I now understand the problem and it shouldn’t happen again…)

I’m happy to report that I made it safely to Canada and all is well. The first weeks back were hot and dry, just like Piura, but more recently we’ve had rain and temperature fluctuations, reminding me why North Americans watch the weather forecasts. Smile

I’ll pick my friends up next week and am looking forward to having a day with them before leaving on the trip out west, but I’ve not been alone. I’ve been caring for the indoor animals – the cat, dog, rabbit and fish – and then an intruder wanted to join our merry band…

Brenda & Friends

The bat was just with us one night and I hope I don’t see it again!

I’ve enjoyed speaking in three churches so far. The other day I had a wonderful opportunity to share my faith and the Gospel with an un-churched person, and I’ve enjoyed sharing my presentation with groups and with individual supporters in churches, restaurants, homes and even in the great outdoors. If I haven’t seen you yet and you’d like to get together, let me know. If I’m home, I’ll answer at 519.442.2896 and my cell is 226.920.5401. I’d love to hear from you!

Please pray with me for safety in my travels and for safe travels for the Dunks as well, for continued good health, for me to minister to others as we meet together, for the funds necessary for me to be able to return to Piura October 12th, and that funds would be raised for the new church plant.

One more prayer request is for the Lord to provide at least one couple for me to work with in Piura. The two couples I was going to be working with each have responsibilities in other churches now, so we are waiting on the Lord to indicate who the other members of the team will be. We need at least a pastoral couple, and more team members would be welcome.

Grateful for your prayers and support!


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