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June 29, 2011 Praising God!

June 30, 2011 - 9:17 pm - Posted by Brenda Matthews

I have been wanting to write for a long time, but the content of what I would have written kept changing. It’s still not totally nailed down, so I’m still not writing about that.

Soon I need to write about my Home Assignment, but I’m still working on the schedule, so that should be coming soon.

I’m writing on a related topic that led to despair but has resolved in joy. That gives away the ending, but I’ll share it none-the-less, and I’ll try to be brief.

The Lord led a supporter to give me a new computer so my old one could be used in the new church plant. In April I worked hard at getting caught up on email on the old computer and then started using the new one, so all my email correspondence since April 27th has been on the new computer. Along with other projects, that included ALL the correspondence I’ve had with well over a dozen people as I’m setting up the trip to visit supporters on the west coast of Canada and the US.

I finally had a block of time to work on transferring all the info from the old computer to the new computer, so I started working on that last Saturday. The referred to supporter sent me a link to follow instructions to make the transfer, but I couldn’t get past a certain step and I couldn’t get answers, so I looked for another way to do it. This is dangerous because my computer knowledge is right next to nil.

I found a program on the new computer. I think it was called Easy Transfer, but as I looked for it to confirm the name, now I can’t even see it. Anyway, the name sounded good, so I tried it. On the second attempt, it really was easy. All the old info merged with what I had already done on the computer. I couldn’t believe it and was rejoicing UNTIL…

Until I opened Outlook and it reverted to the Outlook as I had left it on the old computer. Try to imagine the SICK feeling I had when I could not find anything I had worked on for the last two months. It looked like I had lost ALL the correspondence, ALL the new email addresses, ALL the updated addresses, etc.

I prayed and contacted a couple of my computer savvy friends. One of them invested several hours over the last few days in the project and late last night he was able to restore ALL the correspondence!!!!!!!!!!! It’s in a different section, so I’ll see if I can merge it to have all of it in one place, but you have no idea how relieved I feel and how much joy I am experiencing!

I need to thank several people in this odyssey, after first of all thanking God for everything, especially for the incredible support base He has provided. I’m grateful for the supporter supplying the computer, I’m grateful for supporters who so often help me with computer problems, and I’m grateful for the people who knew about the problem and have been praying.

I share this so you can rejoice with me in God’s provisions and pray for me as I arrange my Home Assignment. And if you changed your email address in the last two months, it would help me if you let me know that so I can update it right away in Outlook.

Grateful for you!


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