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October 4, 2010 Time Is Flying By

October 4, 2010 - 7:36 pm - Posted by Brenda Matthews

Does it seem to you like time is moving at a faster pace?  It sure does to me!  There is so much to do that sometimes I feel like I’m just barely keeping ahead of the game.  I’m writing to ask for your prayers that I will be doing all that God wants me to do and doing it in His strength.

The adolescent and youth ministry continues to move forward.  As I get to know the adolescents and youth, I’m discovering that they face a variety of issues.  One example was a 17 year old who asked me to visit her father with her last week and to invite one of the pastors as well.  Her father was in the last stages of AIDS.  He had abandoned the family years ago and hurt them deeply, but she continued to be concerned for his salvation.  The pastor shared the Gospel with him and prayed with him and he passed away three days later.  Please pray for Lourdes and her family.

Adolescent/Youth Leaders planning meeting/lunch

We finished the New Life in Christ class a few weeks ago and I’ve been teaching the classes that were missed.  It looks like three from that class will be baptized this Sunday.  Please pray for Milagros, Anaclaudia and Rosalía and for their resolve to follow Christ wholeheartedly.  The plan is to teach the class again after the 40 Days of Purpose campaign for a new group of people and for those who started toward the end of the last class to take the classes they missed. 

A lot of time has been devoted to preparations for the 40 Days of Purpose campaign.  My main responsibilities relate to the last day of the campaign, Celebration Sunday.  I’m working with a committee to oversee decorations, program, meal and clean-up and we’re also working at fund-raising.  Thanks to those who have responded to the invitation to contribute toward the expenses of that day.  If others are thinking of doing so, please act now so we’ll have the funds when we need them.  To help with Celebration Sunday costs, you could send a tax-deductible gift to my account at TEAM being sure to note that it is for the 40 Days of Celebration project.  It would also help if you would let me know that you have done so.  Thanks.

If you’re thinking of helping by sending party noise-makers, serviettes with “40” on them, inscribed pens or any other item, they need to be sent to TEAM, c/o Steve Dresselhaus, 400 South Main Place, Carol Stream, Illinois 60188-2407 to arrive there by October 20th.  Again, if you are sending anything, please let me know the item and quantity. 

Please pray for the pastoral team and each committee as we prepare for the campaign, October 17-December 5, and also pray for the marriage retreat being held this weekend.

One more request is to pray for me as I continue to adjust to the Peruvian culture.  Even more importantly, I appreciate your prayers for my own spiritual growth.  The combination of spiritual maturity and cultural adaptation will help produce an effective ministry.

Grateful for your prayers and support,


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