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February 25, 2021 - 5:06 pm - Posted by Brenda Matthews

The URGENT in the title isn’t so much a reference to an emergency as it is to the lack of time.  I’m sorry for not writing sooner, but tonight the cohort working at implementing the Purpose Driven strategy (PD) in the El Faro church has a very important meeting and I’m soliciting your prayers for it and the subsequent decision.

PD Binder

Last month I was able to finish the materials of Phase 1 and presented each member of the cohort with the study notes portion in a binder.  Then I proceeded to Phase 2.

I was hoping to find the latest revision of the notes already translated.  In that search, I contacted a Mexican pastor who is a leader in the Spanish-speaking organization of PD churches.  In the conversation, I shared about our church’s process and he offered to serve as a mentor to us.  He is a certified instructor with personal experience in his churches and in mentoring other churches in the process.  This would be an incredible opportunity for El Faro, if it is the will of the Lord.

To that end, he will be meeting with the cohort tonight at 7:30 pm in La Paz, 9:30 pm EST.  After the meeting, the cohort will have time to discuss, consider, and, most importantly, pray to seek the Lord’s will about it before meeting to decide whether or not to proceed in a meeting next week.

After recent events exposing Christian leaders, I am especially aware of the need to be sure it is the Lord who is leading, so that’s part of the urgency of this message.  Even if you don’t read this until after tonight’s meeting, we still need your prayers in the decision-making process.

The decision may also impact the shape of my ministry, so please be praying about my role in the church either way.  I hope to write in the recent future to let you know how things are progressing so you can pray with more understanding.  Other than allergies, I am doing well and am looking forward to tonight’s meeting.

As always, I’m extremely grateful for your prayers,


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