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October 25, 2017 Movie Night

October 25, 2017 - 7:01 pm - Posted by Brenda Matthews

This will be boring with no photos, although there is a video link at the end, but I wanted to get the prayer requests off to you for this weekend’s evangelistic event.

Friday evening we plan to show a Christian movie aimed at youth and parents of youth and then Saturday evening have a discussion of the movie.  Please pray for good attendance from the El Faro church and the unsaved invited youth.  Please also pray for all the logistics and that the people who have committed to different responsibilities will fulfill them.  Depending on the responses, this might lead to the beginning of a youth ministry in the church.

After the last letter, I did see a doctor to check out the assassin bug bites.  I didn’t do blood work because he said that if I had been infected by the parasite that there would have been a reaction on the skin.  I’m grateful to God that they just looked like mosquito bites, so I should be in good health.  Thanks so much for your prayers.

While I was on vacation, Brandon and Rachel Maston, short-term with TEAM, took over my audio-visual ministry responsibilities.  Brandon has been great at improving things and teaching me how to use new programs.  Since applying all this new info, I haven’t had any computer issues during the service and the preparation is also a lot smoother.   Thank you, Brandon!  Siria committed to editing and posting the sermons while I was gone, but her schedule is full so that’s back on my plate as well.

I’m really enjoying teaching the Ladies’ Group Bible study and soon hope to start working with some of the ladies to teach them to teach.  The Evangelistic Events committee had a couple move away and another couple move to a new home and adjust to new work schedules, but we continue to function with the movie and follow-up this weekend, the wedding next month, and a Christmas activity for December.  We’d appreciated your prayers for all these events, our meetings and the planning.

Highlighting God’s magnificent creation, I’d also like to share with you my first underwater movie.  You could take a nice relaxing 2-minute break and see some of the beauty of what I enjoy when I can get to the beach.  This was filmed SCUBA-diving.  I have a lot more footage, but haven’t had time to work on editing it.  The other footage is from skin-diving, which is what I mostly do.  SCUBA is a treat!  Anyway, you can watch it here: – just a little taste of the vast array of life on the reef.

Serving a glorious God,


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