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January 24, 2021 Videos!

January 24, 2021 - 2:31 am - Posted by Brenda Matthews

Jan 2021 UpdateOnce again, I don’t have a lot to report because of having a reduced focus, but I know I need your prayers!  So, I prepared a short video to share with you that may contain a big surprise for most of you – you’ll know it when you see it!  Since one of the lessons I learned during the pandemic is that I need to take time off, I am sharing a little of that with you.  During the pandemic, most of the time I’m working in my office at home, but this will help you imagine where I am when I’m not here (or grocery shopping).

Click on the image to see the video.  I should probably explain that the video was filmed last Sunday, but I wasn’t able to work on it until yesterday.  I apologize for the wind interfering with some of the sound.  I tried to remove the worst of it and did some voice-over, but I wasn’t even trying to lip-sync!  Both weeks I’ve been there at low tide (on it’s way out during filming).   Some day I’ll hit high tide!

Please pray for:

  • the final touches on the training materials that accompany the seven videos.  Each time I proofread my work, I find things to correct.  A Mexican friend has also proofed the documents, so now I just need to print, bind and distribute them.
  • the cohort meetings.  Pray for unity, good discussions, and clarity of expression for all of us so that we can move forward putting structure to the strategy.  Please also pray that we all have good internet connections for the meetings.
  • the next phase. It will be even more work, so please continue to pray for concentration and clarity of thought.
  • the El Faro activities on Zoom – the ladies’ meetings, prayer meetings, leaders’ meetings, and for the live stream of the Sunday services.
  • those struggling with COVID or who have lost loved ones.
  • our TEAM Mexico Annual Conference Monday to Friday of this week.  Due to the pandemic, we’ll also be meeting by Zoom.  Those of us in the La Paz area and those in the Guadalajara area will also meet in small groups to share a couple of meals and have some personal interaction.

Jan 2021 InfoGr

Links (explained in the video.  They’re all in English.)

Missionary Prep


Message from TEAM’s International Director

Imelda, Vicenta, Ladies’ Ministry

Imelda, Vicenta article

Rancho El Camino



Annie’s Testimony

Article on Annie–S3ay8AxVmBGDlZv2VkB4tjG_SjjolDtqU9dj0iGXSHIfKb63lE_9wWJY0ZZPJ_L0a3kQZ2fM9XA1WG4YKJWxRDb6q-w&_hsmi=107091174&utm_content=107091174&utm_source=hs_email&hsCtaTracking=9da62c5e-9e7f-4834-b616-e4d001f4dfe4%7C3dada3cf-f92f-49a3-bc33-0d89215ec191

Steve & Lois Interview

The Great Commission

I hope you will be able to take some time to watch all the videos… but maybe not all in one sitting!  I think they will inspire and bless you.

May God abundantly bless you in 2021,

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